Peter Schifando's Vines Hardware Suite

Custom architectural hardware suite

The Vines Hardware Suite by Peter Schifando

[tweetmeme source=”@SABaxterLL” only_single=false SA Baxter is thrilled to announce the selection of its Vines Hardware Suite, designed by celebrated Los Angeles-based designer Peter Schifando, for its 2009 Artisan Series. SA Baxter’s 2008 Artisan Series selection – Anthony Browne’s Nita Suite – won Interior Design Magazine’s prestigious Best of Year Product Design.

The Vines Suite was inspired by the 1893 bronze door hinge from Yale and Towne Company. Yale and Towne Company created the finest American architectural hardware of the late 19th century, and both SA Baxter and Schifando felt that their work could be transformed into a wonderful, modern suite of hardware – including door levers, back plates, eschutcheons, rosettes and cabinet knobs. This suite was originally designed for a Gothic Tudor residence in Dallas, Texas.

The foundry-artisan alliance between Schifando and SA Baxter was particularly strong, as SA Baxter is known for its attention to detail, design and hand-crafted products.

Through a year-long collaboration between Schifando and SA Baxter’s team of hardware artisans, sculptors, engineers, finishing experts and machinist, SA Baxter was able to hand sculpt and manufacture the entire Vines Suite in its eco-friendly foundry using lost-wax casting.

Lost-wax casting, normally reserved for jewelry-making and sculptural art, gives SA Baxter the unique ability to manufacture complex and intricate pieces of architectural hardware. In the case of the Vines Suite, lost-wax casting enabled SA Baxter to expand on the detailed vine theme of the original Yale and Towne hinge. The resulting hardware is an exquisite and unique collection demonstrative of SA Baxter’s remarkable and unparalleled design capabilities.


Visit to our foundry

Pouring metals for hardware manufacturer[tweetmeme source=”@SABaxterLL” only_single=false While SA Baxter, manufacturer of custom and semi-custom architectural hardware, has earned an international reputation for excellence and has completed projects in Russia, Europe, the Middle East, India and South America, the company still creates all of its architectural hardware and architectural metals in it’s Upstate NY foundry and atelier for end-to-end, in-house, in the US.

All SA Baxter hardware are manufactured using a lost-wax casting approach that dates back to Ancient Egypt. This method, in conjunction with the latest in CAD/CAM modeling and prototyping technology, allows SA Baxter to produce highly detailed and customized hardware designs that other companies do not have the capacity to create.

To create an SA Baxter door knob, door pull, door lever, window lever or hinge, a mold is created from either a CAD-generated 3-D model or hand-carved original form. This mold is then injected with wax, which is carefully hand-worked to remove any parting lines or defects.

Door knob cast for hardware manufacturing

Door knob casts

The fully-formed wax mold then goes through a complex process of heating and melting until the wax is completely melted, or “lost,” and replaced with molten metal by SA Baxter’s experienced foundry craftsmen. The end product is an exact metal version of the original carving or 3-D model.

This product is then put on CNC-programmed lathes and mills, where the mechanical interface is precision-cut for perfect fit and operation. After precision-cutting the product is inspected and finished with one of 200 possible finishes that are meticulously and repeatedly applied over several days of hand polishing, texturing, hammering, chasing and plating.

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