VIDEO: CNBC Profiles SA Baxter, Made in America

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As part of their Mike on America spot with Mike Hegedus, CNBC has recently profiled SA Baxter and our unique founding.  In this feature, Hegedus takes viewers on an intimate tour through our New York Design Center showroom and through our eco-friendly foundry and atelier, located in the New York Hudson Valley. Continue reading


SA Baxter: America's Most Promising Startups

[tweetmeme source=”@SABaxterLL” only_single=false SA Baxter was recently named one of America’s Most Promising Startups according to Business Week. Founded in 2006 by Scott Baxter, today the company has grown to support, “27 full-time employees and a showroom in Manhattan that sells to designers such as Frank Delledonne and Robert A.M. Stern.”  To learn more about the history SA Baxter as well as where the company is headed in the future, click here.

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SA Baxter: Green Approved

[tweetmeme source=”@SABaxterLL” only_single=false In an industry known for noxious waste, grit and grime, SA Baxter’s foundry and atelier, based in the New York Hudson Valley, proves that given a bit of green thinking and innovation, even the most offensive industries can clean up their act. In fact, our foundry and atelier emits less carbon over an entire year than half of what the average small car releases. In addition, our atelier produces no wastewater, and almost no emissions are released into the atmosphere.

While we have completed projects in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, with the exception of some component parts, we still create all of our decorative architectural hardware in-house, end-to-end.

We understand that a lot of companies claim to be green, but the term “green” has become so loosely used that it is increasingly difficult for people to determine what makes a product or manufacturing process green. To help you better understand our green manufacturing process, we have put together a list of answers to the most common questions we have been asked for your review.

What efforts have we made to make our manufacturing process green?

SA Baxter puts enabling design and perfecting our manufacturing process at the forefront of everything we do, so as to constantly deliver the highest-quality products that anyone can expect from a high-end architectural hardware manufacturer. To ensure an ideal manufacturing process that not only allows us to design hardware with virtually unlimited flexibility, but also one that ensures the integrity of our company, we have considered every aspect of our products and manufacturing process. The first step for us was to examine the sort of metals that we use in our foundry. To make our products, we use bronze and Eco-Brass, a higher quality brass that is lead-free. The significance of using Eco-brass and bronze is that we do not emit any leaded smoke or toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

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