New Product: Baroque Lever

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This organic door lever has been artistically contoured by world-renowned artisans to move a complex current of light up the S curve into a central vortex that allows a stunning interplay of light and shadow. Inspired by the decorative beauty of the Baroque and neo-Baroque movements, this door lever is a reinterpretation of an organic form that ebbs around a boss and encircles the neck then flows into an extended handle that sinuously twists to a point. Not only sculpturally significant, this door lever has been designed to blend old-world elegance with modern boldness.

This unique lever has been manufactured end-to-end in our foundry and atelier by mixing lost-wax casting with the absolute latest in Green Technology. This method, in conjunction with the latest in green technology, allows us to produce this highly detailed and customized twisted lever.

To create this product, we hand-carved a lever mold and injected it with wax. Then, the fully-formed wax mold went through a complex process of heating and melting until the wax was completely melted, or “lost,” and replaced with molten metal by SA Baxter’s experienced foundry craftsmen. The end product is an exact metal version of the original carving.

This door lever was then put on CNC-programmed lathes and mills, where the mechanical interface is precision-cut for perfect fit and operation. After precision-cutting the lever was inspected to ensure its perfection and was finished with polished nickel. However, this lever may be finished with any one of 200 possible finishes that are meticulously and repeatedly applied over several days of hand polishing, texturing, hammering, chasing and plating.

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