Did you know?

[tweetmeme source=”@SA_Baxter” only_single=false http://www.URL.com%5DOn average, a large department store’s doors opens and closes 5,000 times a day? That’s 1,825,000, or the entire population of Budapest, a year? Although we may not realize it, our interactions with doors and entrance hardware occur more frequently than we may realize. In any space, doorknobs and pulls are the most touched element — yes, even more than the remote control in your home — and many times the first impression that one has of a building or home is heavily influenced by the appearance of the entrance doors. Following is a list of the average number of times a door opens and closes by building type.

Large Department Store Entrance: 5,000/day; 1,825,000/annually

Large Office Building Entrance: 4,000/day; 1,460,000/annually

School Entrance: 1,250/day; 225,000/annually

School Corridor: 100/day; 36,5000/annually

Office Building Corridor: 80/day; 29,200/annually

Residential Entrance: 30/day; 10,950/annually

Residential Interior: 20/day; 7,300/annually

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