Metal Shop Reclaims Old Cars to Create Unique Furniture

Reclaimed recycled steel Conference table by Weld House

Reuse, recycle has become the mantra for the Weld House Modern Metal Works, a Dallas, Texas-based company specializing in custom fabrication of modern steel furniture and architectural elements.  The Weld House takes junkyard cars and turns them into contemporary coffee tables, conference tables and media centers. Have a particular love for old classic? Weld House will try to source the model and create an original item for you.

Weld House Blue Chevy Coffee Table

How many modern pieces of furniture can boast former lives such as a 1986 Lincoln Towncar or a 1972 Chevy Truck? It takes about 30 years worth of exposure to the elements to create the beautiful patina and patterns. This is what makes each piece a distinct work of art.

azteca lowrider tableAn old lowrider’s custom mural makes a colorful pair of end tables. The artist is unknown but wouldn’t he or she be surprised to see their creation living a second life as living room furniture?

via Modern Urban Living

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