Sprucing up a door!

Sensunels Door Collection by Karim Rashid for Dibi Group
is e a line of funky modern door prints.  Staying true to his loud and bright color palate Karim created a collection for large open spaces that would catch any ones attention. Using futuristic graphic prints this prints could  be used in any room to give it something special. Below are just a few of his collection.  For more information check out the website http://www.sensunels.com/

Wonderful Antique hardware

Nothing like the old days! The early part of the 20th century, Architecture was elaborate, ornate, and downright beautiful!  From the eccentric victorian style to the elegant Art deco style, homes and buildings in these styles were also finished inside to match the oppulance of the outside. Here I have found some wonderful early century knobs, levers, hinges, rosettes, and pulls.

Door Knobs




Brass Hinges

Bob Campbell Metal Furniture

Bob Campbell AKA ‘Stig‘ (born 1963) is a self taught English sculptor. He is best known for his furniture design and his use of redundant mechanical and industrial parts. His home and workshop are located in South Yorkshire, a region of England that was traditionally a centre for heavy engineering and steel production. The area experienced a dramatic decline in fortunes from the 1980’s onwards and this is evident in both the forms and materials he works with.

“I make sophisticated sculptures that go far beyond their functional use. Every piece of work I produce takes its own form, each piece of material I use is re-claimed and re-used from industrial machinery that has now been discarded, by doing this I create a sculpture that has a use as well as an aesthetic beauty. My work is not only a sculpture it is a piece of history that addresses the global need to re-use exsisting materials.”

Richard Serra master metal artist

Richard Serra (born November 2, 1939) is an American Minimalist scultpture known for working with large-scale assemblies of metal. Richard Serra is one of the most significant artists of his generation. His groundbreaking sculpture explores the exchange between artwork, site, and viewer. He has produced large-scale, site-specific sculptures for architectural, urban, and landscape settings spanning the globe, from Iceland to New Zealand. Earlier this year, he conceived Promenade, a course of five steel sculptural elements towering seventeen meters, for MONUMENTA at the Grand Palais in Paris. In addition to the drawing retrospective “Work comes out of work” at the Kunsthaus Bregenz (2008), other recent projects include the eight-part permanent installation The Matter of Time at the Guggenheim Bilbao (2005) and “Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years” at The Museum of Modern Art, New York (2007).

Text C/O www.gagosian.com

WWF Custom doorknobs

WWF is making a bold statement with their new door handles.  These custom handles are placed at the entrance of their board room, placing anyone opening the door in a headlock of class and sophistication.

Dylan Lewis South African Bronze sculpture

Dylan Lewis is a South African artist who has emerged as one of the foremost figures in contemporary sculpture. Lewis has focused chiefly on the cat as his subject and has created an unrivalled collection on this theme – ranking as one of the most important collections of animal sculpture to come out of Africa. He has extended his artistic talents to the human form, especially its relationship with nature, and has had equal success as with his animals.

Nurtured by a family of artists and inspired by his mother and grandmother, Dylan Lewis first became a painter and it was only after the death of his father, well known sculptor Robin Lewis that he started to explore sculpture.

His sculptures touch the element, the pristine and the world of legend and enchantment. Lewis´s empathy with nature and its living forms is evident in his ability to powerfully convey the essence of predators & prey, and the environment in which we all exist.

Lewis´s primary inspiration is wilderness. At one level his bronze sculptures celebrate the power and movement of Africa´s life forms; at another the textures he creates speak of the continent´s primaeval, rugged landscapes and their ancient rhythms. He works intensively from life, filling books with sketches, notes and drawings. By referring to these in the solitude of his studio, he is able to reproduce the subject´s physical form while exploring their more abstract, deeper meaning.

photos and text C/O dylanlewis-sculpture.co.za/

Bronze Animal statue exhibition.

World renowned Artist Ai Wei Wei’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads  opened on May 4th in the Pulitzer Fountain in Central Park’s Grand Army Plaza.  The exhibition is on view from May 4th– July 15th 2011.  This outdoor exhibition is made up of 12 larger than life bronze casted animal heads. Each head weighing over 800 pounds a piece and standing at 10 feet high making each beast peer down to the viewer. These heads represent the 12 traditional Chinese zodiac  sculptures  that were originally found in the fountain clock of the Chinese royal retreat Yuanming Yuan.

Ai Weiwei said in a statement, “My work is always dealing with real or fake, authenticity and value and how value relates to current political and social understandings and misunderstandings. However, because Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads is composed of animal heads, it’s a work that everyone can understand, including children and people who are not in the art world. I think it’s more important to show your work to the public. That’s what I really care about.”