Hello Ancient Metal Casting Craft…Meet 21st Century 3D Digital Technology

The craft of investment casting, or lost-wax casting, is as old as the days of the Pharaohs.  Investment casting allows for the creation of metal products with un-compromised structural integrity and aesthetic detail.  Door knobs, escutcheon plates, and door knockers have been fabricated via investment casting for centuries.  At SA Baxter, Investment Casting allows us to create unique classic contemporary luxury door hardware, with an uncompromised level of aesthetic detail.

With the advance of 3D digital design and fabrication technology, the speed and quality improvements brought to this old world investment casting realm are truly phenomenal.  SA Baxter utilizes the latest cutting edge 3D design visualization software (3D CAD), as well as 3D digital fabrication processes (3D CAM) as part of our daily production process.  Should the need arise to capture a sculptor’s hand-carved wax or wood model, SA Baxter has the means to reproduce gorgeous works of art via advanced mold-making techniques or even 3D digital laser scanning technology.

Part of the SA Baxter digital toolbox is 3D printing rapid prototype technology.  To say we’re extremely excited about the 3D Printing Revolution is the understatement of the decade.  Our in-house 3D printing capabilities allow us to quickly evaluate new product concepts, and dramatically reduce our product development cycles.  3D printing technology is advancing at a furious rate.  3D printing is revolutionizing the way designers prototype and even manufacture all spectrums of product.  Rest assured that we geeks at SA Baxter are always informed of the latest in 3D printing rapid manufacturing technologies, and eagerly participating in this tech-driven manufacturing renaissance.

Oh sure, this 3D technology is flashy and makes for good press…but what this really provides for our clients is design flexibility.  Clients can work with our highly skilled designers and engineers to quickly customize one of our standard products, or even develop a unique, one-of-a-kind bespoke piece in brass, bronze, or white bronze.  Please bring us a napkin sketch of your dream door hardware – and watch our designers bring your concept to fruition in living 3D color.


Door Hardware on Pinterest

The red-hot  image board website, Pinterest.com, has an obvious draw – Designers now have a convenient means of creating Inspiration Boards, and a visual tool to catalog their online finds.

We have been amazed at the sheer volume of images pinned relating to door hardware. Using keyword searches for door knob, patina, and even knocker brings up a wealth of fun images to peruse.  We have been delighted to see so many SA Baxter Door knobs and other products pinned and re-pinned.

We have added ‘PinIt’ buttons to our website to allow for easy collection of product images.   We can’t wait to see what Pinterest will do next.  Private Pin Boards and drag and drop functionality would be such a hoot!  We’re eagerly standing by…