Nature-Inspired Door Hardware

Late Summer in the Northeast is a fabulous time for nature’s color.  Here are a few SA Baxter Door Knobs and other hardware pieces inspired by nature.  Investment casting allows for the intricate details we love to see in nature.

SA Baxter Paul Robilotti Floral Door Knob DK-5904

SA Baxter Vine Suite – 5030

SA Baxter Tree Knob DK-4034

SA Baxter Corn Knob by Randy Florke DK-5905

If you are inspired to create your own nature-inspired door hardware for your project, please get in touch – We would be happy to develop custom hardware with you.


Living Finishes…Warmth and Character

SA Baxter’s hardware is cast in solid brass, bronze, or white bronze, depending on needs and specifications.  Our Artisans will then achieve the perfect degree of polishing or burnishing.  When finishes such as Nickel, Chrome, or Gold are specified, hardware pieces are then electroplated.  Finally, we apply a coating of wax to protect the metal from developing a patina until, in most cases, the contractors have left the jobsite.  As the wax gently wears away through use, our hardware will begin to develop a natural patina that makes every item we make one of a kind.  This is why we refer to our products as having a living finish.

SA Baxter Rustic Patina

A living finish develops a gentle patina and ages through regular use by reacting with the oils in your skin as well as the to the natural environment.  Areas that have consistent and frequent contact will be become lighter and more polished, while areas that don’t have as much contact will mellow and dull over time.  If you prefer to prevent this aging process from happening – cleaning agents, polishing creams, and protective coatings can work against this natural process.  It is a matter of personal preference, but we feel that a naturally occurring patina is what makes a piece unique.

SA Baxter Rustic Door Lever (LV-2108) Finished in Antique Bronze

Most commercially available door hardware is finished with a shiny chemical lacquer.  This lacquer may retain the finish for a period of time, but eventually the coating will crack and flake, resulting in the need to replace or completely refinish.  We refrain from using lacquer finishes, unless specified by the client.
Of course SA Baxter offers many Antiqued finishes, wherein our skilled Artisans accelerate the metal’s aging process by applying various patination techniques.  As these Antiqued finishes age under normal usage, you can imagine the warm luster that is produced over time.  Although many bright polished finishes have their place, we embrace the warmth and character that our living finishes capture.

Hudson Valley Artisans: Wickham Solid Wood Studio

We at SA Baxter admire fellow bespoke Hudson Valley, NY-based Artisans.  The region North of New York City is seeing a renaissance in small manufacturing businesses.   This new feature will spotlight these thriving small businesses which develop furniture, lighting, home accessories, and jewelry.  Our first featured Artisan is Jessica Wickham of Wickham Solid Wood Studio.

Wickam Solid Wood Studio in Beacon, NY

Jessica fabricates gorgeous one-of-a-kind hardwood furniture for both private and commercial clients.  Wickham is located in Beacon, NY.  Beacon is 60 miles North of New York City and home to the Dia:Beacon contemporary art museum, as well as a thriving Artist Community.  A number of Jessica’s pieces feature steel and brass inlay.  A focal point of the Wickham’s process is the sustainable practice of sourcing local hardwood species – sourcing “dead and down” logs from Hudson Valley landscapers since 2004 .

Wickham Cherry Steel Tenon Bench

Wickham Little Split Fold Bench in Black Walnut

We love Wickham’s work and applaud their dedication to sustainable principals and craft!

Exquisite Rust: ‘Patina’ Metal Artwork

We love these artwork pieces by 5 Feet from the Moon, based in Santa Cruz, California.  In addition to these gorgeous works of art, artisans Katrina and Dominic create a number of custom products including furniture, fireplace surrounds, gates, and signage constructed of various metals and concrete.  The soothing color palette and warmth of these artwork pieces would work so well on a large white wall expanse.

Patina Metal Artwork

Patina Metal Artwork

Metal Patina Artwork

Katrina has this to say regarding these ‘Patina’ pieces: “Being born into a family of gardeners and lovers of nature, it was only a matter of time before the botanical silhouettes showed up in my work. The mysteriousness of how the colors sometime react with the oxidation process is also another appeal that keeps me inspired.”

Door Knob and Design Destinations: Hudson, NY

Hudson, NY, situated 2 hours North of New York City on the East side of the Hudson river, has become a destination for Designers seeking out one-of-a-kind show pieces.  Considered “one of the richest dictionaries of architectural history in New York state”, Hudson has truly become a mecca in the Northeast United States for gawking at historic architecture…not to mention a tremendous resource for antiques.  The gorgeous row houses and Victorian homes dazzle daily visitors, and tempt city-dwellers to make the move North.

Door Knobs of Hudson, NY

Thankfully, much of Hudson’s Architectural detail is intact, including much in the way of vintage door hardware.  The warmth and beauty of this well-worn patina is undeniable.  Go for a shopping trip (Hudson Supermarket…fantastic antiques), enjoy fine food and drink (The Crimson Sparrow…yum!), and soak in the design detail of this Hudson Valley Renaissance town!