Living Finishes…Warmth and Character

SA Baxter’s hardware is cast in solid brass, bronze, or white bronze, depending on needs and specifications.  Our Artisans will then achieve the perfect degree of polishing or burnishing.  When finishes such as Nickel, Chrome, or Gold are specified, hardware pieces are then electroplated.  Finally, we apply a coating of wax to protect the metal from developing a patina until, in most cases, the contractors have left the jobsite.  As the wax gently wears away through use, our hardware will begin to develop a natural patina that makes every item we make one of a kind.  This is why we refer to our products as having a living finish.

SA Baxter Rustic Patina

A living finish develops a gentle patina and ages through regular use by reacting with the oils in your skin as well as the to the natural environment.  Areas that have consistent and frequent contact will be become lighter and more polished, while areas that don’t have as much contact will mellow and dull over time.  If you prefer to prevent this aging process from happening – cleaning agents, polishing creams, and protective coatings can work against this natural process.  It is a matter of personal preference, but we feel that a naturally occurring patina is what makes a piece unique.

SA Baxter Rustic Door Lever (LV-2108) Finished in Antique Bronze

Most commercially available door hardware is finished with a shiny chemical lacquer.  This lacquer may retain the finish for a period of time, but eventually the coating will crack and flake, resulting in the need to replace or completely refinish.  We refrain from using lacquer finishes, unless specified by the client.
Of course SA Baxter offers many Antiqued finishes, wherein our skilled Artisans accelerate the metal’s aging process by applying various patination techniques.  As these Antiqued finishes age under normal usage, you can imagine the warm luster that is produced over time.  Although many bright polished finishes have their place, we embrace the warmth and character that our living finishes capture.

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