Autumn Colors, Copper, and Libations…Tuthilltown Spirits

With the Autumnal Equinox last week marking the official start to fall, our thoughts turn to jumping in piles of gold, red, and brown leaves, and cozying up with a woolen blanket by the fire. Along with this, we mark the passing of seasons by switching to a libation that matches the season both in color and warmth…for us, this means it is time for whiskey.

Tuthilltown Distillery

The Hudson Valley has long served as a muse for artists and craftsmen. From the metal arts and glass blowing to painting and furniture making, our home is also the proud locale for the culinary arts and the craft distillery at Tuthilltown Spirits, the makers of Hudson Whiskey.

Tuthilltown Distillery Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

While we could wax on about the spirits, ahem…this is a metal blog. We’re marveling at the incredible craftsmanship of the copper and brass tanks in the distillery. Like a fine spirit, these beautiful tanks will mellow over time and develop a spectacular patina that will tell the story of the distillery without words.

Tuthilltown Distillery Copper and Brass Still

This is why we love working with these metals, they develop a patina that tells the story of the life they live through the patina they develop with the passing of time.

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