SA Baxter Loses a Good Friend. The Passing of Anthony P. Browne

We are saddened by the passing of our good friend Anthony P. Browne.

Our Friend and Illustrious Designer, Anthony P. Browne

Mr. Browne passed away on Oct. 13th.  Mr. Browne designed a gorgeous hardware suite for SA Baxter, known as the Nita suite.  This Suite was a Winner of Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” award in 2008.  Mr. Browne has left us with a timeless legacy.  A detailed article may be found here.  He will certainly be missed.

SA Baxter Nita Suite by Anthony P. Browne, Winner of the 2008 Interior Design Magazine ‘Best of the the Year’ Award.

Brass Accents and White Walls…Perfect Together

We at SA Baxter love antique brass and burnished brass finishes.  The golden hue of brass takes on such a simple, yet sophisticated look when situated against a clean white canvas.  We have uncovered some inspirational images with this nifty palette of golds and ivory.

Brass accents work slendidly against a clean white backdrop. Photo Courtesy of Dwell Magazine

We love the warm tone of this mirror placed in a wash of white…Photo Courtesy of Bolaget.

Photo courtesy of Elle Decoration UK via the Diversion Project.

Perhaps one of our soon-to-be-released ‘Project-Ready’ knobs finished in Antique Brass may do the trick?

SA Baxter ‘Project-Ready’ soon-to-be-released Modern Door Knob.

Our Showroom Sees the Light…And Goes Green

We have just made the decision to cut our energy consumption in our New York showroom at 200 Lexington Avenue (located in the New York Design Center) by switching from Halogen fixtures to LED fixtures.

A Display Case, Showcasing Door Levers and Knobs, in our NYDC Showroom

LED MR16 Bulb to replace our inefficient halogen bulbs

The color temperature and light output is so well matched that you can’t tell the difference between the two…until you look at our utility bills! Not only will we be using less electricity, we will also be saving on our air conditioning costs – since LED’s emit almost no heat (and if you’ve ever touched a Halogen MR16 with your bare hand, you know they get very hot). These LED fixtures are up to 70% more efficient than their halogen counterparts.

We at SA Baxter are Proud of Our Green Initiatives

SA Baxter is proud of it’s green initiatives, including use of eco-friendly lead-free brass, low emission casting proces s, use of recycled alloys, and now reduced energy usage in our showrooms.  We have seen the (green) light.

The View from Our Front Window…Nature’s Patina

Here at SA Baxter we are fortunate enough to experience the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, while also taking in the colors of an Upstate New York Autumn at our Hudson Valley Foundry.  The view from our front window is this:

The View from the SA Baxter Foundry Front Window

The hills truly come alive with vibrant color in October.  We are almost at peak foliage here in Orange County, and are reveling in the crisp country air.  Many a maple tree now takes on the color of the warm glow of molten bronze within our crucible.  Happy Fall!

What is That? Artifacts from the Investment Casting Process

So what is this image all about?

Shell Remnant from SA Baxter Investment Casting Process

This is a solidified ceramic material remnant, which was used in the casting process of one of our finish samples.

SA Baxter Finish Samples

We at SA Baxter pride ourselves in our Investment Casting capabilities.  The investment casting, or lost-wax casting process provides the finest detail and structural integrity for our products.  The process has been in place for 5 millennia, and as time has gone by, tremendous technological improvements have dramatically improved quality and cycle times.  To see the process in action, see our video for a trip through the fabrication and casting process.

Pouring Molten Bronze into Ceramic Shells

The first image you see above is a portion of what is termed a ceramic ‘shell’; after molten metal has been poured into the form (shell), cooled, and is broken away from the solid metal piece.  In the video, note the process during the time-span from 0:50 to 3:20.  Here you will see wax models being covered in a ‘slurry’ material, which eventually hardens to become the form or shell.  After melting out these wax models from the shell, molten metal is then poured into the shell, and voila…we have  cast door knob, or in this case, a finish sample.  We find that the remnant shell is a fascinating sculptural after-effect, that feels in many ways like an ancient artifact!

Makers Market @ The Aldrich…Save the Date

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT

It goes without saying that we respect and admire fellow craftspeople, who create and build locally.  Makers Market, happening at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT, Oct 20th and 21st, sounds like the perfect Fall design-related field-trip to us.  This ‘Curated Selection of Skillfully Crafted Products’ features work of craftspeople located in New York and New England.  A VIP Preview Benefit will take place on Friday, Oct. 19th.  Below is a sampling of some of the work created by Exhibitors.  Of course we have a little bit of a soft spot for those who incorporate various metal alloys…

Beam Bench by Palo Samko…love the brass legs…

Chrome Benches by Cumulus Studios

Halsey Dining Chair by Assembly Design