Metal Minimalists…Minimalux Accessories of London

Returning from a jaunt to London Design Week, we would be remiss to not call attention to these modern clean tabletop accessories from Minimalux.

Minimalux U Candleholder in Stainless Steel

This London-based based design brand develops copper, brass, stainless steel, and sterling silver pieces, which are just stunning in their simplicity.  In their words – “each one a lasting and jubilant celebration of a pure and elemental form.”  Interestingly enough, for London Design Week, Minimalux exhibited these products via a film entitled ‘The Exhibition’.  We applaud this bold marketing move and their sublime design aesthetic.

Minimalux’s Bulb has been nominated for the ELLE Decoration British Design Awards.

Minimalux Conical Vase – From the Minimalux website – “Borosilicate glass, metalised with layers of silver and copper then mirror polished. The item is supplied non-lacquered and will slowly develop an attractive natural patina.”

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