What is That? Artifacts from the Investment Casting Process

So what is this image all about?

Shell Remnant from SA Baxter Investment Casting Process

This is a solidified ceramic material remnant, which was used in the casting process of one of our finish samples.

SA Baxter Finish Samples

We at SA Baxter pride ourselves in our Investment Casting capabilities.  The investment casting, or lost-wax casting process provides the finest detail and structural integrity for our products.  The process has been in place for 5 millennia, and as time has gone by, tremendous technological improvements have dramatically improved quality and cycle times.  To see the process in action, see our video for a trip through the fabrication and casting process.

Pouring Molten Bronze into Ceramic Shells

The first image you see above is a portion of what is termed a ceramic ‘shell’; after molten metal has been poured into the form (shell), cooled, and is broken away from the solid metal piece.  In the video, note the process during the time-span from 0:50 to 3:20.  Here you will see wax models being covered in a ‘slurry’ material, which eventually hardens to become the form or shell.  After melting out these wax models from the shell, molten metal is then poured into the shell, and voila…we have  cast door knob, or in this case, a finish sample.  We find that the remnant shell is a fascinating sculptural after-effect, that feels in many ways like an ancient artifact!

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