Our Showroom Sees the Light…And Goes Green

We have just made the decision to cut our energy consumption in our New York showroom at 200 Lexington Avenue (located in the New York Design Center) by switching from Halogen fixtures to LED fixtures.

A Display Case, Showcasing Door Levers and Knobs, in our NYDC Showroom

LED MR16 Bulb to replace our inefficient halogen bulbs

The color temperature and light output is so well matched that you can’t tell the difference between the two…until you look at our utility bills! Not only will we be using less electricity, we will also be saving on our air conditioning costs – since LED’s emit almost no heat (and if you’ve ever touched a Halogen MR16 with your bare hand, you know they get very hot). These LED fixtures are up to 70% more efficient than their halogen counterparts.

We at SA Baxter are Proud of Our Green Initiatives

SA Baxter is proud of it’s green initiatives, including use of eco-friendly lead-free brass, low emission casting proces s, use of recycled alloys, and now reduced energy usage in our showrooms.  We have seen the (green) light.

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