Happy Holidays from SA Baxter!


Crystalline Brass…Bec Brittain’s SHY Light

The geometric varied forms of these LED pendant lights by Bec Brittain are a sight to behold.  It seems as though the configurations are limitless, due to these lights’ modularity.


From Bec Brittain’s website: “The SHY Light (taking its name from the initials of the designer’s grandmother) uses the spare beauty of thin LED tubes to define the edges of its shape; in this way the function of the piece is created by its form, and vice-versa. It is also inspired by crystalline structures, both by the shapes they take as well as their growth. The modular hardware that comprises the SHY light can be reconfigured in a myriad of different ways, taking new shapes according to what the space demands; like crystals each can be different while sharing the same structural foundation.”



Although we’re partial to Antique Brass, these lights are also available in Brushed Brass, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, and Dark Pewter.  We’re intrigued by the juxtaposition of an extremely contemporary lighting aesthetic, to the use of such classic familiar metal finishes.

Brass Whimsy…Jonathan Adler’s Brass Bibelots


We are loving these whimsical Brass Bibelot accessories by Jonathan Adler.  Each design is hand-sculpted, then reproduced with a sand-casting process…hence these really strike our fancy.  We can only imagine how gracefully these will patina over time.  As with all of Jonathan Adler’s creations, these pieces’ descriptions come with a touch of humor, “P.S. If you have no patience for patina, you can drop it in a bucket of acetone but at your own risk.”


We find the brass bull most intriguing – the exaggerated proportions gracefully relate into one emotive beautiful form.  Which one is your favorite?


SA Baxter’s Ice Party…A Gallery

Thank you to all of those who joined us for our Holiday Ice Party!

This past Thursday, a denizen of Architects, Designers, Press, and friends of SA Baxter came together to toast the holidays and celebrate the launch of our new collection of Project-Ready hardware.  Speaking of which, our Project-Ready hardware pieces were ‘frozen’ in ice block monoliths.  Blue Cosmos poured down the spiral-themed ice luge, placed in the center of our illuminated ice bar.  We can’t choose what was sparkling more, the cocktails, the ice, our new hardware, or our guests!

Thank you to Daniel Boloud’s Feast and Fetes for the scrumptious bites.  And thank you to Okamoto Studio for the stunning ice sculptures.

SA Baxter's Ice-Filled Wonderland

SA Baxter’s Ice-Filled Wonderland

Product Launch! Announcing Project-Ready Hardware…Our New Collection of Quickship Door Hardware!

SA Baxter is proud to introduce our Project-Ready line of high-end architectural hardware – Beautiful doorknobs, levers, and accessories finished to order with an unprecedented 2-4 week quickship lead-time. Project-Ready hardware is available in nine select finishes: Polished Nickel, Burnished Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Dark Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Solid Bronze, Antique Solid Bronze, and Dark Solid Bronze.


Our Latest Hardware Collection, Project-Ready Hardware, finished in Antique Brass.

Eight new alluring styles, from classic to modern including art-deco and transitional styles. Best of all, pricing is sensible due to volume production, without sacrificing our world class quality. All pieces are crafted in our own eco-friendly foundry and atelier in the Hudson Valley of New York State, with total end-to-end control of the fabrication process.

Our base metals are environmentally friendly lead free brass and silicon bronze. We are perhaps the only hardware manufacturer in the world that can say this. Beyond this, SA Baxter is the only hardware manufacturer to offer solid bronze hardware as opposed to others who offer “brass with a bronze-like patina” in such sophisticated styles and at such competitive price points. SA Baxter’s Project Ready hardware is both high-end and affordable.

Click here to see the new collection!  Or come visit our Showrooms to see this hardware in-person.

SA Baxter Project Ready Door Knobs

SA Baxter Project-Ready Door Knobs