Clay to Bronze…Bronze Investment Casting Timelapse

From a lump of clay to a fully developed bronze bust…we love to see the entire sculpting and investment casting process compressed down to 10 minutes!  This video comes to us from French Artist René Zaki.

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Feature This…More Fab Editorial for SA Baxter Hardware

We’re thrilled to see more of our new Project-Ready hardware receiving media coverage.  Here is a nod from Traditional Home Magazine.  Thank You!



Sublime Alloy…Metal Sculptures of Art Basel Miami Beach

The juggernaut event that is Art Basel Miami Beach had no shortage of incredible artwork installations in virtually every medium.  We tend to gravitate towards the metallic artwork Variety.  Take for example this aluminum and stainless steel sculpture, titled “The Garden”, by Peter Rogiers – we can only imagine a cluster of these in an outdoor setting.

The Garden

“The Garden,” 2012, Peter Rogiers, Galerie Thomas Schulte of Berlin.

And this sculpture, entitled “Bearlike Construction” by Gimhongsok, displays the amazing intricacy possible with bronze sculpture.  The illusion of being a beanbag-like structure is positively intriguing.

Bearlike Construction

“Bearlike Construction” 2012, Gimhongsok, Kukje Gallery of Seoul, Korea/Tina Kim Gallery of New York.

Finally, a whirlwind of metal – “Twin Vortexes” by Alice Aycock, crafted of painted aluminum – this piece feels as though it is truly in motion.

Twin Vortexes

“Twin Vortexes,” 2012 (painted aluminum), Alice Aycock, Collins Park


Locked Away in Patina…Vintage Bank Vaults

We have recently become attracted to the allure of vintage bank vaults.  The beautiful metalwork, detailed mechanisms, and lustrous patina make for undeniable eye-candy.


Photo courtesy of Daniel Leininger.

This particular vault door is on display at the City Museum in Downtown St Louis.  The detailed brass and steel is a sight to behold.  Did you know that most vaults are custom designed?  The vault is usually the first aspect of a new bank building to be designed and built.


Photo courtesy of Daniel Leininger.

These Beautiful images are courtesy of Daniel Leininger.