Project-Ready Hinges are Here. High End Affordable.

SA Baxter is pleased to offer premium hinges at Project-Ready pricing. Project-Ready Door Hinges are exceptional quality butt hinges fabricated in the USA. Project-Ready door hinges are available in 2 sizes: 4in. x 4in. (102mm x 102mm) and 4-1/2in. x 4-1/2in (114mm x 114mm). These full mortise extruded template hinges meet or exceed ANSI A specifications. Hinges are provided with button cap finials and matching slotted wood screws.


Eight Project-Ready Finishes are available: Polished Nickel, Burnished Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Dark Brass, Polished Chrome, Antique Bronze Finish, and Dark Bronze Finish.

In addition, we are offering a new Thicker, Bigger, and Bolder Bespoke extruded hinge with the thickest leaves and barrel available; For the truly discerning Homeowner who is seeking unrivaled strength and beauty to suit the most robust doors. Our extruded hinges complement our full collection of cast bronze, and cast decorative pattern hinges. SA Baxter offers the most detailed and unique door hinges in the world.

Additional sizes, configurations, and finishes are available in our Bespoke Hinge Collection.

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