The Beauty of Antique Brass Optical Instruments

We all know and love the warmth of patina in the world of door hardware and trim – That mellow aging of brass and bronze which adds so much character to a space.  Another way to bring this lustrous glow into a room is to accessorize with optics.  Vintage Microscopes, Binoculars, Telescopes, Opera Glasses, and their variants make for incredible accent pieces.  Below is a sampling of some of our favorites we have stumbled across.

OperaGlasses2 OperaGlasses1 binoculars2 binoculars1 antiquated-brass-39-double-telescope-brass-harbormaster-on-5-tripod spyglass3 spyglass2 Telescope on MapM26_side1_full M08 down full M08 angle1 full

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