SA Baxter Hardware

SA Baxter hardware

SA Baxter designs and manufactures timeless custom and semi-custom architectural hardware for high-end residential homes and buildings, offering the most extensive palette of patterns and finishes in the custom architectural hardware industry. Our goal is to enable design. Breaking the mold, SA Baxter gives clients the ability to customize over 200 signature hardware designs with an array of finishes and alloys, or the unprecedented freedom to create their own custom door hardwarewindow hardware, or cabinet hardware. From door knobs and door levers to window levers and cabinet knobs, SA Baxter can turn just about any concept into exquisite architectural hardware.

Earning the reputation as the world’s finest architectural hardware manufacturer by design and architecture aficionados is no easy feat. We’ve won awards, pushed the industry , and do what no one else thinks is possible with hardware. Our products adorn the finest and most exclusive residences, hotels and yachts in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Our hardware are handmade to order by world-famous architects, interior designs and master SA Baxter Artisans by using both modern and old-world manufacturing techniques in our eco-friendly foundry and atelier, located in New York’s Hudson Valley. By marrying the ancient process of lost-wax casting to 21st century advances in green technology, SA Baxter is uniquely positioned to produce the most detailed door hardwarewindow hardware and cabinet hardware that is simply not available elsewhere.

To learn more about our exquisite hardware, please visit where our full catalog is available to download at

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