Happy Friday! Happy Spring!


Spring has finally arrived in the Northeast…we’re delighted to at last feel some warmth and take in the colors!  Hence a little inspiration for this group shot of SA Baxter knobs, levers, hinges, and pulls finished in satin burnished nickel.


2013 Trends from our Friends @ Elle Decor: “Lots of Brass”

If you have been following our blog, it will be no surprise to you that we love our brass finishes.  Burnished brass and antique brass exude such a charming warmth, as we all know.  Elle Decor has proclaimed “Lots of Brass” for a 2013 Trend.  We have been seeing a resurgence of brass finishes within the past couple of years – brass is versatile, and  of course a classic.


SA Baxter’s Project-Ready Bamboo-Inspired Door Hardware, Suite 9507, finished in Antique Brass.

We believe that door and cabinet hardware in brass finishes are timeless, and long outlive a trend.  The long-term benefits of brass finishes are: the natural beauty of the aging/patina process, the never-ending ability to refresh the finish, and the antimicrobial properties of brass finishes.  To take advantage of these brass benefits though, please hold on the lacquer (=

SA Baxter Center Door Knob CDK-2024 Burnished Brass

SA Baxter Centre/Center Door Knob CDK-2024 finished in Burnished Brass.

Sneak Peek…Oversized Center Door Knobs

Center Door knobs, or Centre Door Knobs in the UK, are popular in Europe for placement in the center of an Entry Door.

SA Baxter Center Door Knob CDK-2024 Burnished Brass

SA Baxter Center Door Knob CDK-2024, 4Inch Diameter (101mm) shown in Burnished Brass.

Often decorative, these large knobs are a gracious statement for Row Houses, Townhouses, and Estates.  We are in the midst of generating samples for our London and New York City Showrooms.  These will be available in March, and will be shown in our London Showroom during London Design Week.  We can’t wait to show you!

Carved Beauties…Salvaged Vintage Entry Doors

We love outfitting Entry Doors with our Bespoke Door Knobs and Pulls – from newly manufactured premium makers, such as Scottsdale Art Factory – to restored vintage beauties, which hold so much character.  Here are a few choice examples of reclaimed/salvaged Entry Doors from The Demolition Depot in New York.




This last set is begging for 2 of our soon-to-be-launched oversize center door knobs!

(Very) Heavy Metal…The Bronze Doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral

We have learned that a massive undertaking has taken place here in New York City on 5th Avenue.  The behemoth bronze doors at St. Patrick’s Cathedral have been temporarily removed for a good cleaning.  The removal operation required an enormous crane and shutting down 5th Avenue.

bronze doors

Bronze Doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, weighing in at a hefty 9000 pounds each!

The detail, color, patina, and sheer mass…9000 pounds each!…are just awe-inspiring.  We can’t wait to see these stunning functional works of art all spiffed up and put back in place.  Via NY Post.


Bronze Door Detail. Photo Courtesy of Charles Tilford.