Door Hardware on Pinterest

The red-hot  image board website,, has an obvious draw – Designers now have a convenient means of creating Inspiration Boards, and a visual tool to catalog their online finds.

We have been amazed at the sheer volume of images pinned relating to door hardware. Using keyword searches for door knob, patina, and even knocker brings up a wealth of fun images to peruse.  We have been delighted to see so many SA Baxter Door knobs and other products pinned and re-pinned.

We have added ‘PinIt’ buttons to our website to allow for easy collection of product images.   We can’t wait to see what Pinterest will do next.  Private Pin Boards and drag and drop functionality would be such a hoot!  We’re eagerly standing by…


Installed Project: Central Park West

Here is a project that was just finished.  The client used LV-3047 against zebra wood through out the apartment.

The oddity of door hardware

Words can not describe these doorknobs, all unique in there own right!

WWF Custom doorknobs

WWF is making a bold statement with their new door handles.  These custom handles are placed at the entrance of their board room, placing anyone opening the door in a headlock of class and sophistication.