Amorphous Bronze…’Growth Chair’ @ Design Miami/Basel

This stunning bronze chair, shown at last week’s Design Miami/Basel event (which happens in conjunction with Art Basel in Switzerland), was created by Designer and Artist Matthias Bengtsson.


image (5)

image (6)

The truly fascinating aspect of this concept is the usage of software for the design process – which is driven by a bio-mimicry technique to generate this flowing intertwined form – not unlike the virtual nature-inspired algorithmic designs of Somerville, MA based Nervous System.  The form is captivating, as is the color and tone of that bronze…Call us impressed.


We can Relate…The Incredible Craftsmanship of the Porsche Badge

A few of us at SA Baxter are automotive nuts to say the least.  Imagine our surprise when we encountered this post over at Core77.  The care and hand-crafted effort put forth into each and every Porsche badge is something near and dear to our hearts.  We think you’ll find the detail and focus of the craftsmanship to be absolutely fascinating.

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What’s That You Say? Listen to Your Metal in Style…Frends Modern Headphones

Metallics are very much in vogue in the fashion world.  We are loving the idea of these headphones by Frends.

Frends Gold Headphones

The headphones (Layla) and large headphones (Taylor) really tickle our fancy.  The available finishes are gold, rose gold, and silver.

Frends Rose Gold Headphones

Frends Metallic Headphones and Earbuds

How would these look in Antiqued finishes?  Hmmmmm…


1950’s Vintage Lawn furniture

I have a secret obsession for old metal patio furniture.  The colors tended to be  powders and pale pallates or an electric neon pallate.  They tended to have the beautiful doily pattern backs, or incorporated a paisley or a floral print cushion. here are a few beautiful examples of that vintage furniture.

Recycled Metal Art is an online gallery of contemporary art created by artist Lynn Donoghue. These avant-garde, rust-art jewelry pieces and wall-hanging sculptures are available for purchase, display, or viewing (contact us for more information). Lynn is located in Arlington, Massachusetts, which is in the greater Boston area.

Lynn Donoghue majored in art at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has been a professional graphic artist for 35 years.

During the first half of her career, Lynn was a weaver and fiber artist. However, her growing collection of rust art edged out her work in these other mediums. It all started with a pile of interesting shaped and colored metal pieces that Lynn had found on the streets of Cambridge. Some of the pieces were faces. So, instead of keeping them in a pile, Lynn started to arrange them into “critters”: 3-dimensional figures with demeanors and stances. Lynn’s venture into rusted, industrial, recycled-art wall sculptures had begun.

In time, Lynn created some pieces that were much too small for the wall sculptures or had no way of being attached to the wood. She then began crafting them into necklaces. At this point, Lynn moved her abstract, modern art into the direction of wearable art and jewelry.

Alberto Giacometti

A Swiss Sculptor, painter and printmaker his iconic dark creepy elongated froms that were all made from bronze casts.   Starting in the 20’s sculpting from life he grew bored and started working strictly on imagination. This time in his life he was catching a great deal attention from the surrealist movement of artist and by the 30’s he had established a large network of dealers and currators. In 1948, an exhibit of his latest sculptures was mounted in New York, and immediately, his odd formed humans took their place as Twentieth-century icons. From then on any exhibit of modern art included sculptures by Giacometti. In 1955, a major retrospective of his career was put on at the Guggenheim, in New York. In 1962, he won the grand prize for sculpture at the Venice Bieniale. Three years later he won the French Government’s Grand Prix National des Arts. His fame was now worldwide. In July 2010 his life size statue of a man walking sold for 65 million pounds at a sotheby’s auction which was a world record for the most expensive piece of art sold at auction.

Bob Campbell Metal Furniture

Bob Campbell AKA ‘Stig‘ (born 1963) is a self taught English sculptor. He is best known for his furniture design and his use of redundant mechanical and industrial parts. His home and workshop are located in South Yorkshire, a region of England that was traditionally a centre for heavy engineering and steel production. The area experienced a dramatic decline in fortunes from the 1980’s onwards and this is evident in both the forms and materials he works with.

“I make sophisticated sculptures that go far beyond their functional use. Every piece of work I produce takes its own form, each piece of material I use is re-claimed and re-used from industrial machinery that has now been discarded, by doing this I create a sculpture that has a use as well as an aesthetic beauty. My work is not only a sculpture it is a piece of history that addresses the global need to re-use exsisting materials.”