Checkmate…SA Baxter Displays Hardware @ artMRKT Hamptons

We were honored to sponsor this past weekend’s artMRKT Hamptons, which took place on the grounds of the Bridgehampton Historical Society.  The event kicked off on Thursday with an incredible party.

Our hardware was displayed as a Chess set, with our pieces finished in polished nickel and dark antique bronze.

photo (21)

artMRKT Pohoto by Rozalia Jovanovic


The creative display extended beyond the incredible artwork, to include ABSOLUT’s team:

artMRKT ABSOLUT Bartenders

Absolut Vodka bartenders

Kudos to the Artists, Organizers, and guests.!

artMRKT Party




artMRKT VeredSculpture3


Carved Beauties…Salvaged Vintage Entry Doors

We love outfitting Entry Doors with our Bespoke Door Knobs and Pulls – from newly manufactured premium makers, such as Scottsdale Art Factory – to restored vintage beauties, which hold so much character.  Here are a few choice examples of reclaimed/salvaged Entry Doors from The Demolition Depot in New York.




This last set is begging for 2 of our soon-to-be-launched oversize center door knobs!

Friday Foundry Walkabout

Just some quick snaps taken around our Foundry on a Friday afternoon…


Cabinet Knob CK-3001 in 1:, 1-1/4″, and 1-1/2″ Diameters, Robert Stern Fluted Lever, and Art Deco Lever LV-3002, finished in Polished Nickel.


SA Baxter Project-Ready Lever LV-9504.


A Gaggle of Traditional Keyhole Escutcheons, KE-2014


SA Baxter Project-Ready Cabinet Knobs CK-9507

History Class…Vintage New York City Public School Door Knobs

Vintage Brass Door Knob from the NYC Public School System
Photo Courtesy of Demolition Depot, Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

The New York Times recently published an article documenting A History of New York in 50 Objects.  As an addendum to this list, The Editors also added 15 more objects, as suggested by readers.  One of these objects is the quintessential brass door knob found in New York City Public Schools, as seen in the late Nineteenth century and early Twentieth century.  How can you not be enamored with the detail and almost heroic statement of this knob.    The top image shows a very well preserved and seemingly underutilized knob.  The image below shows the same knob design, with a bit more wear and patina.  Which one do you prefer?

Same Door Knob…More Patina
Courtesy of

The Mystique of Detail…Vintage Masonic Door Hardware

We are amazed at the detail, quantity, and variation in vintage Masonic door hardware produced in the late 19th century and early 20th century.  Seeing so many intricate designs, custom-built for various Masonic Temples harkens back to a golden age of fine hand-crafted metalwork.

Masonic Door Knobs and Escutcheon Plates. Photo courtesy of Demolition Depot

It is not our place to comment on the cultural intricacies of American Freemasonry…but we can certainly reel at the sheer number and beauty of Masonic Door Knobs, Escutcheons, and other hardware accessories…stunning!

Masonic Door Knocker. Photo courtesy of

Vintage Masonic Door Hardware Illustration. Image Courtesy of

Door Hardware on Pinterest

The red-hot  image board website,, has an obvious draw – Designers now have a convenient means of creating Inspiration Boards, and a visual tool to catalog their online finds.

We have been amazed at the sheer volume of images pinned relating to door hardware. Using keyword searches for door knob, patina, and even knocker brings up a wealth of fun images to peruse.  We have been delighted to see so many SA Baxter Door knobs and other products pinned and re-pinned.

We have added ‘PinIt’ buttons to our website to allow for easy collection of product images.   We can’t wait to see what Pinterest will do next.  Private Pin Boards and drag and drop functionality would be such a hoot!  We’re eagerly standing by…