Exquisite Rust: ‘Patina’ Metal Artwork

We love these artwork pieces by 5 Feet from the Moon, based in Santa Cruz, California.  In addition to these gorgeous works of art, artisans Katrina and Dominic create a number of custom products including furniture, fireplace surrounds, gates, and signage constructed of various metals and concrete.  The soothing color palette and warmth of these artwork pieces would work so well on a large white wall expanse.

Patina Metal Artwork

Patina Metal Artwork

Metal Patina Artwork

Katrina has this to say regarding these ‘Patina’ pieces: “Being born into a family of gardeners and lovers of nature, it was only a matter of time before the botanical silhouettes showed up in my work. The mysteriousness of how the colors sometime react with the oxidation process is also another appeal that keeps me inspired.”


Recycled Metal Art



reSculpted.com is an online gallery of contemporary art created by artist Lynn Donoghue. These avant-garde, rust-art jewelry pieces and wall-hanging sculptures are available for purchase, display, or viewing (contact us for more information). Lynn is located in Arlington, Massachusetts, which is in the greater Boston area.

Lynn Donoghue majored in art at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She has been a professional graphic artist for 35 years.

During the first half of her career, Lynn was a weaver and fiber artist. However, her growing collection of rust art edged out her work in these other mediums. It all started with a pile of interesting shaped and colored metal pieces that Lynn had found on the streets of Cambridge. Some of the pieces were faces. So, instead of keeping them in a pile, Lynn started to arrange them into “critters”: 3-dimensional figures with demeanors and stances. Lynn’s venture into rusted, industrial, recycled-art wall sculptures had begun.

In time, Lynn created some pieces that were much too small for the wall sculptures or had no way of being attached to the wood. She then began crafting them into necklaces. At this point, Lynn moved her abstract, modern art into the direction of wearable art and jewelry.