The Beauty of Antique Brass Optical Instruments

We all know and love the warmth of patina in the world of door hardware and trim – That mellow aging of brass and bronze which adds so much character to a space.  Another way to bring this lustrous glow into a room is to accessorize with optics.  Vintage Microscopes, Binoculars, Telescopes, Opera Glasses, and their variants make for incredible accent pieces.  Below is a sampling of some of our favorites we have stumbled across.

OperaGlasses2 OperaGlasses1 binoculars2 binoculars1 antiquated-brass-39-double-telescope-brass-harbormaster-on-5-tripod spyglass3 spyglass2 Telescope on MapM26_side1_full M08 down full M08 angle1 full


Feature This…Thinking Craftsman with Canadian Homes & Cottages Magazine

We’d like to thank Canadian Homes & Cottages for featuring our Project-Ready Craftsman-inspired door hardware, Suite 9504.  Canadian Homes & Cottages publishes magazines for both Developers and Consumers…a valuable resource.  Merci!

Canadian Homes & Cottages

Carved Beauties…Salvaged Vintage Entry Doors

We love outfitting Entry Doors with our Bespoke Door Knobs and Pulls – from newly manufactured premium makers, such as Scottsdale Art Factory – to restored vintage beauties, which hold so much character.  Here are a few choice examples of reclaimed/salvaged Entry Doors from The Demolition Depot in New York.




This last set is begging for 2 of our soon-to-be-launched oversize center door knobs!

Locked Away in Patina…Vintage Bank Vaults

We have recently become attracted to the allure of vintage bank vaults.  The beautiful metalwork, detailed mechanisms, and lustrous patina make for undeniable eye-candy.


Photo courtesy of Daniel Leininger.

This particular vault door is on display at the City Museum in Downtown St Louis.  The detailed brass and steel is a sight to behold.  Did you know that most vaults are custom designed?  The vault is usually the first aspect of a new bank building to be designed and built.


Photo courtesy of Daniel Leininger.

These Beautiful images are courtesy of Daniel Leininger.

History Class…Vintage New York City Public School Door Knobs

Vintage Brass Door Knob from the NYC Public School System
Photo Courtesy of Demolition Depot, Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

The New York Times recently published an article documenting A History of New York in 50 Objects.  As an addendum to this list, The Editors also added 15 more objects, as suggested by readers.  One of these objects is the quintessential brass door knob found in New York City Public Schools, as seen in the late Nineteenth century and early Twentieth century.  How can you not be enamored with the detail and almost heroic statement of this knob.    The top image shows a very well preserved and seemingly underutilized knob.  The image below shows the same knob design, with a bit more wear and patina.  Which one do you prefer?

Same Door Knob…More Patina
Courtesy of